Car Gems
  • Car Gems

    What a perfect accent for your vehicle!!  The pourous wooden lid absorbs the fragrance oil and wicks the delightful aroma into the air!  As an added bonus, the containers prisms catch the light and add a touch of class...what more could you ask for!  The hardest part is picking the candle fragrance you would like in your car gem.  Each gem is made to order, and refills are available.

    • Instructions

      Your car gem is made to order just for you.  It comes with a plastic stopper, to keep the fragrance contained until ready for use.  Simply remove stopper and discard, securely place lid on gem and invert.  The fragrance oil will saturate the lid, allowing the aroma to fill your vehicle.  Periodically tip the gem to re-saturate the lid.  ENJOY!!

    Scent Choies