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Welcome to my wonderful world...Wicks and Windmills Candle Co.!  

My little candle company was formed after life happened.  You know life, those unexpected little twists that change the way you do things, change the direction you're going, or just change you!  Well, I hit one of those bumps in the road.  It brought me to a new realization that life as I knew it would never be the same.  So, just like the wind helps a windmill choose which way it's going to turn, (and how fast), God helped me find a new path.  And Wicks and Windmills Candle Co. was born!

I'm a small, one person operation.  My mornings are filled with wax melting pots and a multitude of fragrance choices, and I love every minute of it!    Every candle and wax melt is hand poured in small batches using the highest quality ingredients.  Using a  soy blend base, ensures a clean burning candle that smells great!  The result is a high quality luxury candle and wax melt line, that maintains a reasonably priced product.  I'd like to help you  create an oasis at home or work, bring back a favorite memory, or just boost your spirits with a wonderfully aromatic candle.  

Growing up on a small farm in the Midwest is one of my fondest memories.  Many of the fragrances that I work with bring back scents from my childhood, and along with that, the remembrance of that old wooden windmill turning outside my bedroom window.  Some memories are just the best!

Take your time and explore the website.  Read the descriptions and imagine how your space could be renewed or re-energized with a wonderful new fragrance.

Contact me if you have a retail space that is crying out for a quality candle line!  I also love  fund raising opportunities!

Thanks for sitting with me for a while.  One last thought...God has shown me I can do all things through just takes some faith and lots of prayer!!  Take care!  Janice

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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